Tumplate. How Did It All Begin?

We were tired of expensive advertising agencies and wanted to create a cost-effective, effortless, and always on-brand platform.

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Tumplate was founded in 2018 when Jaakko and his cousin Hannu wanted to develop a new content creation tool. They were tired of expensive advertising agencies and wanted to create a cost-effective, effortless, and always on-brand platform that would solve problems for all kinds of companies from small start-ups to big enterprises. And when the Finnish perseverance was combined with the American “dream big” -mentality, it didn’t take long to come up with Tumplate.

From Underground Raves to International Success

Jaakko has a diverse background as a music producer, filmmaker, director, and online marketer. As a teenager, he was making flyers and posters for underground raves in Helsinki – while also DJing at those parties. His first contact with what we do with Tumplate, was around the year 2000, when he started a local access cable-tv -show called Beats and Styles and he created the visual templates for it.

Since then, Jaakko has done a whole spectrum of things from having multi-platinum international success with his bands Beats and Styles and Jutty Ranx, and working with artists like Backstreet Boys, Shaggy, Darude, and hundreds of others. During all these years, he has directed and edited over 300 music videos.

He has also done commercials for brands like Sony, Apple, McDonald’s, Coke, and MTV. On top of that, Jaakko has also worked on various feature- and short films as a producer, composer, and director.

For most of his film work, Jaakko has been involved in a production company called No-Office. It was founded by his cousin, co-creator, and friend Hannu Aukia, and Jaakko’s band Beats and Styles’ drummer Erno Aaltonen.

The Original Manifesto of Tumplate

Here are some things that were prioritized while creating Tumplate:

1. Staying on-brand needs to be an integral part of Tumplate. It needs to be automatic and 100% compliant. We need to make sure that you can have an intern making your content without having to worry about it.

2. This thing has to be smart. We want to create a tool that you can use professionally. Most of the templates on the market are either too complicated, too generic, too confusing, and reliant on your ability to do graphic design. We want to make sure that with Tumplate, you can concentrate on the bigger picture without worrying about perfecting the borders, centers, and alignment – we do it for you.

3. This thing needs to work with all platforms. Who wants to sign in and add another platform or approach to communication or workflow? Nobody. We want to make sure, from the get-go, that whatever platform your team is used to using, the app has to communicate with that.

4. Version control must be next level. It is very important to be able to do changes to your content with the least amount of effort. We don’t want you to strain your workflow with editing your templates all and all over again because of some small tweaks. Tumplate offers you extremely good version control features, especially the capability to choose which output version you can start editing. And if you’ve shared a video and you get it approved, you can easily just click the approved command, open it up and export all the needed formats.

As you can see Tumplate is really something new that no one has ever done before. It gives you countless different ways to boost your marketing. Try and experience it yourself!

| Photo Anete Lusina Pexel


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